Laura Woodhouse is an award winning woven textile designer from Cambridgeshire. She is currently based in a studio at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, having been awarded the Arts Society Greater London Area Award 2018.

Inspiration is taken from the natural world and architectural features to inform an array of intricate patterns. Fabrics are created using complex techniques in both double and single cloth. Products include scarves, wall hangings, rugs and table runners. Fabrics are also available to order by the metre. Laura has previously worked with interior design companies, including Sibyll Colefax and John Fowler, producing fabrics on commission. Fabrics are woven in the finest natural fibres, including cotton and bamboo yarns, that allow for intricate detail in designs.

Interested in the value of hand craft, Laura challenges the transient nature of changing fashions in consumer culture by creating quality fabrics that can be passed from generation to generation.



Some people are gifted to leave behind something that makes the world a better place than they found it. So it is with Laura and her beautiful, intricate weaving. A superb work to be enjoyed today and passed down the generations. Thank you. -Etsy

This scarf is absolutely beautiful. The weave/pattern is a work of art, and the bamboo fibre gives it a lovely sheen. The scarf is really unique and eye catching. Laura's craftsmanship is amazing! -Etsy

Outstanding piece of craftsmanship. Perfectly woven, excellent choice of materials and colours, a rare and meaningful pattern. It's a real gem. Comes gift-wrapped, shipped immediately and the communication is friendly and quick. -Etsy

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